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Mini Key Chain Breath Analyzer Professional

Designer: Style17

$ 5.99 CAD

Car Key Chain Alcohol Tester Digital Breathalyzer Alcohol Breath Analyze Tester


  • This alcohol tester can accurately analyze blood alcohol concentration(BAC) levels.

  • Testing by the user's exhalation.

  • Threaded by keychain in order to be more convenient carrying

  • Quick response and resume capacity

  • Flashlight torch function(Orange light)

  • Colored LED display alcohol level

  • Alcohol test

  • Long press and keep holding the "POWER" button until the green LED lighting on. It means the tester is ready to test,

  • then exhale pneuma into exhale pipe and look into the result as follows:

  • IF Green LED keeps lighting: Safety-under 0.02% BAC(Blood Alcohol Concentration) or 0.1mg/L BRAC

  • IF Yellow LED keeps lighting: Caution-under 0.02%-0.05% BAC(Blood Alcohol Concentration) or 0.1mg/L-0.25mg/L BRAC

  • IF Red LED keeps lighting: Danger-over 0.05% BAC(Blood Alcohol Concentration) or 0.25mg/L BRAC

  • Notice: Please make sure to keep holding the "POWER" button during the test

  • Torch function: Slide the "ON/OFF" forward, then the LED lighting up with orange light

  • Power supply: 2pcs 1.5V AAA battery(NOT included)

  • Dimension: 70*35*20mm

  • Color: black

  • Unit packing gross weight: 53g

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